Superlatives of The World PDF (Biggest, Largest, Longest, Highest, Smallest)

Superlatives of the World is a very important topic of World Geography (Biggest, Largest, Longest, Highest and Smallest). 1 or 2 questions often come from this topic in all Govt Job exams like SSC, Bank, Railway, Defense and many other competitive exams.

All the candidates who are preparing for the government jobs exam should prepare this topic very well. For that here we are providing superlatives of the world PDF in English along with the list.

Here we have provided a complete list of superlatives of the world gk. You will find all the superlatives of world geography in this one list, you don’t have to go anywhere else. so read this article carefully to get complete knowledge and share it with your friends if helpful.

List of Superlatives of The World:

Here is the complete list of all Superlatives of World Geography. Also, the complete PDF along with this list is given here. The link to download the PDF is also given below, where by clicking all the candidates can download it for free.

ContinentSmallest – Australia
Largest – Asia
CountryLargest (In Area)- Russia
Smallest – Hummingbird
Mountain RangeLongest – Andes, South America 
Highest – Himalayas
Mountain PeakHighest – Mount Everest (Nepal )(8848 m)
DesertLargest Hot Desert – Sahara, Africa
Largest Cold Desert – Gobi Desert (Mongolia)
RiverLongest – Nile (6690 Km)
Shortest – Roe (61 m)
Largest – Amazon (South America)
Busiest – Rhine (Germany)
BasinLargest – Amazon Basin (South America)
GorgeLargest – Grand Canyon ( On The Colorado River, USA)
WaterfallHighest – Salto Angel Falls (Venezuela)
DeltaLargest – Sundarbans, India
GulfLongest – Gulf of Mexico
IslandLargest – Greenland
BayLargest – Hudson Bay, Canada
PeninsulaLargest – Arabia
VolcanoLargest – Mauna Loa (Hawaii Islands)
Highest – Ojos Del Salado (Andes, On The Border of Argentina & Chile) (6885 m)
Sea (Inland)Largest – Philippines sea
OceanDeepest and Biggest – The Pacific
LakeDeepest – Baikal (Siberia)
Highest – Titicaca (Bolivia)
Largest (Fresh water) – Lake Superior, USA
Largest (Artificial) – Lake Kariba
World’s Rainiest PlaceMawsynram – (Meghalaya)
Sea PortLargest – Shanghai (China)
AirportLargest – King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia
Highest – Daocheng Yading Airport, Garzi, Tibet (China)
AirlinerLargest – Airbus A380
DamTallest – Jinping – I Dam (China)
Longest – Hirakud Dam (Odisha), India
Largest (Concrete)- Three Gorges Dam (China)
Coral FormationLargest – The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
CanalBusiest – Baltic White Sea Canal
Longest – Beijing – Hangzhou Grand Canal
AnimalMost Intelligent – Chimpanzee
Fastest – Cheetah
Asteroid impact zoneLargest – Australia
ArchipelagoLargest (Area) – Malay Archipelago
Largest (Number) – Norway Archipelago
Nation With BoundaryLargest – Canada
PlateauLargest – Pamir Plateau (Asia)
RoadHighest – Leh-Manali Road (India, NH1-A)
Country Sharing Border With OthersMaximum – China (14)
Country With Population DensityHighest – Macau
BirdWingless – Kiwi
Largest – Ostrich
Largest (Sea)- Albatross
Fastest – Peregrine falcon
Largest – National Park, Greenland
MammalLargest – Blue whale
Smallest – Bumblebee Bat
ParkLargest – Angkor Vat (Cambodia)
RailwayLongest – Trans- Siberian Railway
Railway PlatformLongest – Gorakhpur, India
Largest – Grand Central Terminal, New York (USA)
TunnelLongest and Largest (Canal) – Le Rove Tunnel (South of France)
Longest (Railway) – Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland)
BridgeLongest – Danyang- Kunshan Grand Bridge, China
BuildingTallest – Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828m)
Minar (Free Standing)Tallest – Great Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco
StatueTallest – Statue of Unity, Gujarat, India
TowerTallest – Tokyo Sky Free, Tokyo (Japan)
MosqueLargest – Masjid at Haram (Mecca)
TempleBiggest Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
ChurchLongest – Basilica of St Peter, Vatican City, Rome (Italy)
MuseumShortest – 22nd December (In Southern Hemisphere)
PlaceColdest – Verkhoyansk (Siberia) Temperature 85oC
Hottest – Al- Aziziyah (Libya, Africa) 136oF
Driest – Atacama Desert Chile (South America)
WallLongest – Great Wall of China
Capital CityHighest –La Paz (Bolivia)
CityHighest – Wen Chuan (Tibet, China)
Largest (In Population) -Tokyo
Biggest (In Area) – Hulunbuir, China
DayLongest – 21st June (In Northern Hemisphere)
Shortest – 22nd December (In Sorthern Hemisphere)
SubstanceHardest – wurtzite Boron Nitride (W-BN)
MetalLightest – Lithium
Heaviest – Osmium
Costliest – Californium 252
DiamondLargest – The Cullinan
Largest (Mine) – Kimberley
Melting PointHighest – Tungsten (34100 C)
GasLightest – Hydrogen

Superlatives of the World Gk PDF Download:

Below is the complete detail of the list of all superlatives of world pdf in English (Biggest, Largest, Longest, Highest, Smallest). All the aspirants who are preparing for the Sarkari Job exams can download it for free and save it carefully for future reference.

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