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The Inventions and Inventors List is an important part of Static GK. Questions based on various famous inventions and inventors in various fields are often asked in SSC, RRB, Bank, Railway, Defense and other competitive exams.

So candidates must prepare all these inventions and their inventors. 1 or 2 questions are asked from this topic in most government jobs exams. For example, who invented the electric lamp? Who invented the Atom Bomb? Who Invented the Machine Gun? Who created the Periodic Table? etc.

So for the convenience of the candidates, we have presented here an A to Z inventions and inventors list along with a PDF. Which anyone can download it for free from the link given below.

List of Inventions and Inventors:

Below is a complete list of important inventions and inventors’ name and the year it was invented.

1Adding MachinePascal1642
2AeroplaneWright brothers1903
3Automatic CalculatorWilhelm Schickard1623
4Air ConditionerWillis Carrier1902
5AnemometerLeon Battista Alberti1450
6Atom BombJulius Robert Oppenheimer1945
7AspirinDr. Felix Hoffman1899
8BalloonJacques and Joseph  Montgolfier1783
9Ball –Point penC. Biro1938
10Bifocal LensBenjamin Franklin1779
11BarometerE. Torricelli1644
12Blood GroupKarl Lansdsteiner1900
13BicycleK. Macmillan1839
14Bicycle TyreJ.B. Dunlop1888
15Calculating MachinePascal1642
16Centigrade ScaleA.Celsius1742
17CinematographThomas Alva Edison1891
18ComputerCharles Babbage1834
19Cine CameraFriese-Greene1889
20CinemaA.L. and J.L. Lumiere1895
21Clock (Mechanical)Hsing and Ling –Tsan1725
22Clock (Pendulum)C. Hugyens1657
23ChlorineCarl Wilhelm Scheele1774
24Diesel engineRudolf Diesel1892
25DynamiteAlfred Nobel1867
26DynamoMichael Faraday1831
27Electric IronH.W. Seeley1882
28Electric stove/cookerWilliam S. Hadaway1896
29Electric lampThomas Alva Edison1879
30ElectromagnetW. sturgeon1824
31ElectroscopeWilliam Gilbert1600
32Evolution (theory)Charles Darwin1858
33Electric BatteryVolta1800
34ElevatorElisha G. Otis1852
35Film (with sound)Dr. Lee de forest1923
36Fountain PenLE. Waterman1884
37FluorineAndre-Marie Ampere1810
38Gas LightingWilliam Murdoch1794
39GramophoneT.A . Edison1878
40HydrogenHenry Cavendish1766
41HelicopterIgor Sikorsky1939
42HeliumJules Janssen1868
43InsulinSir Frederick Banting1923
44Jet EngineSir Frank Whittle1937
45LiftE.G. Otis1852
46LaserTheodore Maiman1960
47Lightning ConductorBenjamin Franklin1752
48LocomotiveRichard Trevithick1804
49Machine GunRichard Gatling1861
50Match (Safety)J.E. Lurdstrom1855
51MicrophoneDavid Hughes1878
52MicroscopeZ. Jansen1590
53Motor Car (Petrol)Karl –Benz1885
54MotorcycleEdward Butler1884
55Neon -LumpG. Claude1915
56NylonDr W.H. Carothers1937
57OxygenJoseph Priestley1774
58OzoneChristian Schonbein1839
59Photography (Paper)W.H. Fox Talbot1835
60Printing PressJ. Gutenberg1455
60Polio VaccineJonas Edward Salk1952
62Periodic TableDmitri Mendeleev1869
63PenicillinAlexander Fleming1928
64RaderDr A.H. Taylor and L.C. young1922
65RadiumMarie and Pierre Curie1898
66RadioG. Marconi1901
67RayonAmerican Viscose Co.1910
68Razor (Safety)K.G. Gillette1895
69Razor (electric)Col. J. Schick1931
70RefrigeratorJ . Harrison and A. Catlin1834
71RevolverSamuel Colt1835
72Rubber (Vulcanized)Charles Good year1841
73Rubber (Waterproof)Charles Macintosh1819
74Safety LampSir Humphrey1816
75Safety pinWilliam Hurst1849
76Sewing MachineB. Thimmonnier1830
77ScooterG. Bradshaw1919
78Ship ( Steam)J.C. Perier1775
79Ship ( turbine)Sir Charles parsons1894
80Shorthand (Modem)Sir Issac Pitman1837
81Spinning jennyJames Hargreaves1764
82Steam engine (Piston)Thomas Newcome1712
83Steam engine ( Condenser)James Watt1765
84Steel productionHenry Bessemer1855
85Stainless steelHarry Brearley1913
86TankSir Ernest Swinton1914
87Telegraph codeSamuel F.B. Morse1837
88TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell1876
89TelescopeHans Lippershey1608
90TelevisionJohn logie bared1926
91TeryleneJ. Whinfield and H. Dickson1941
92ThermoscopeGalileo Galilei1593
93TractorJ. Froelich1892
94TransistorBardeen, Shockley1949
95TypewriterC. Sholes1868
96Valve of radioSir J.A. ‘fleming1904
97Vacuum CleanerHubert Cecil Booth1901
98WatchA.L.  Breguet1791
99X-rayWilhelm Roentgen1895
100Zip fastenerW.L. Judson1891

List of all Inventions and Inventors Name PDF Download:

Below is the complete detail of the Inventions and Inventors list pdf in English. All the aspirants who are preparing for the Government Job exams can download it for free and use it for their preparation.

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